Monday, December 22, 2014

Lavender Paths....Rae Andrews

This is an unframed pastel on the new (ish) Canson mixed media paper.

I never use watercolor under my pastels, but decided to try this technique with this new paper.

I used liquid acrylic as a base, just flopping color into the main areas as a base for my pastels.This was totally an experiment for me.

I kind of liked the process, but I am not overly rapturous.

I think it was this paper I was not that in love with. It's pretty smooth to the touch, not a lot of texture.

It seemed laborious to work the pastel over the top They did not glide onto the surface as I am so used to with velour paper.

Of course my color choice of the paper might not have made it easy for me, it was a soft yellow sand, very light in value.

So anyway here it is, I hope you like, it was a lesson learned for me and I might try the process again, but not in the near future.:))

This is a 21" x 29" pastel unframed
$450 plus S/H

Prints also available through Fine Art America:

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